The Internet is booming and security risks are booming with it. There are millions of websites over the internet, every day thousands of them are hacked and the data is being stolen. According to a survey conducted by Intel, Almost 96% of websites around the world don't have any security to protect themselves and their customers. Web hosts are fed up of malicious websites hosted on their server. This is why Bitzscript provides you a secured SSL webs hosting at the lowest price. Moreover, we provide SSD servers and 99.99% uptime. Want to know more? You can see some of our hosting features below - or you can contact us now!

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It encrypts the data connection established between the client machine and the hosting server. If your website isn't secured with SSL, a hacker can breach the connection easily which may cost your client his entire hard earned money. Do you see a green HTTPS text written just before our web address in your browser's address bar? That is the symbol of HTTPS enabled it means that your connection to our site is secured. Contact us to know more.


Our server is one of the fastest hosting servers in the worlds. We don't use simple servers, we have dedicated SSD server that is 10x faster than general non-SSD servers. Want to know more? Contact us now!


We provide you a dedicated cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, free 100 email addresses and much more!


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