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Magento shop individually for customer and dealer

Magento shop individually for customer and dealer

Many people today no longer have shopped at the next street corner where they want to sell their goods. Surely you also have an e-commerce shop on the internet! You can work from home and sell your products or even from the office.

There are now new types of e-commerce shops. I’m talking about a Magento webshop! A Magento shop is available free of license in the community edition and with several thousand extensions, a powerful program for creating a Magento webshop.

You can easily integrate third-party solutions with Magento. This helps to save time and resources if you want to create a customized Magento store. In addition to all this, you do not incur any costs due to possible functions such as product tagging, production comparison systems, or multi-address shipping. You get everything in total with the service of out-of-the-box features!

The Magento Webshop as an individual solution for you!

No matter if you plan to build your website overnight or even over several years, there is a suitable solution for everything in your Magento shop. This keeps your site flexible and yet well structured. And in contrast to many other e-commerce solutions, the Magento Shop offers you professional support that answers your questions reliably and quickly and helps you further.

The program gives you full control over your website content, appearance, and functionality. Due to the partially free and cost-effective extensions, you always have the total cost control and can calculate better.

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