About BitzScript

BitzScript symbolizes innovation at each step. We are not a run of the mill company that does web development. BitzScript is an experience that customer receives right from the onset of their project from a nascent stage of a “Concept”, right up to the point where the solution is successfully deployed at the customer’s environment.

We are based out of Ahmedabad, a Tier 2 and an upcoming city in the state of Gujarat, India. BitzScript Solutions is committed to excellence through industry standard processes, qualified and certified staff and strong domain expertise.

Why BitzScript?

BitzScript takes pride in executing every customer project with utmost dedication, passion and devotion. A project might be a very simple for us, but we do understand what it means for a customer. Hence, we take the utmost care of handholding the customer right from the initial stage till the time a customer starts using the system.

Our Process

BitzScript follows industry standard processes to ensure that every customer project is a success. Our implementation process consists of 4 simple steps

  • Requirement Gathering

    The team of analysts at BitzScript will sit down with the customer to get a complete understanding of the requirement. The analysts are jointly supported by the functional experts to bring in the expertise of functional workflows.
  • Prototyping/Wireframe Creation

    Once the requirement is captured, and ensured that every detail is taken into consideration, we create a prototype or a wireframe of the proposed solution to give a good understanding and look and feel of the system. During the prototype phase, we will incorporate all the changes that the customer wants in the system.
  • Development & Testing

    As soon as the wireframe is signed off, the development team starts building the system according to the prototype features and workflow. Once the solution is developed, it undergoes a QA and QC phase to check for bugs. The customer also gets involved in the testing process from user acceptance point of view.
  • Deployment & Support

    Once the product is successfully tested, the team will deploy the solution on customer’s live server. The team will do complete hand-holding with the customer to ensure a successful deployment. Post deployment, the customer is provided with a user manual and a technical guide.

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